The Why Behind the What

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For the last four years I’ve been a full-time photographer…those are words I never thought I would say.

I get asked a lot how I got started, and honestly–I feel like that’s the best question to ask someone–Why did you start doing what you’re doing?

Photography for me has been this crazy journey. I wish I could say that it was my life-long dream to do this profession, or I was truly moved by some famous photo and in that moment I knew that I HAD to take photos like that too. The truth is, it kind of just fell in my lap. I know that’s not the answer everyone expects to hear.

I was actually in college pursuing an art therapy degree (my background and schooling is in fine arts), and I took one photography class. One.

It wasn’t until we started covering the portrait unit of the class that my professor pulled me aside one day after class. She sat me down and said that she seriously believed I could do this as a profession. Keep in mind, this was before crazy iPhone cameras and having a compelling Instagram feed was a thing.

This was someone who I immensely respected and truly trusted. And all she did was simply encourage me to do something that I had never thought of before. She saw potential in me that I had not been aware of until that moment. She not only ushered in confidence, but the craziest part is, she actually believed I would be successful at it. And that was why I started doing what I do.

I’ve gone on to do photography work for major Non-Profit Organizations, world-renown ministries, both big and small business owners, and even photographed the cover of a New York Times Best selling book. All because someone believed that I could do it, and they were right.

I learned SUCH a valuable lesson in this. I realized that we have the ability to actually influence and champion others in their successes to achieve good. When we pause long enough to take the focus off of ourselves and start paying attention to whats going on around us, to the people around us, we can actually make a difference in others lives and careers.

Am I going to be a photographer forever? Who knows. I have so many dreams and ideas swirling around in my head, so many professions that I want to pursue.

And even though at times, it can feel overwhelming when I think of what direction I should head in next, I take comfort in looking back and seeing what I’ve already done, and been able to do. All the places I’ve already been, and how far I’ve come. When I think of this it helps me know, trust, and believe in how much farther I can go.

BIO: Lindsey Plevyak is a Baltimore native with an educational background in the Fine Arts. Although she graduated college with honors and dual degrees in Studio Art and Psychology, she traded a potential career as an art therapist to become a full time photographer. Currently, she serves as both a branding contractor and visual content creator. Follow Lindsey on Instagram, Facebook, and her website.

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