Raising Our Perspective On Breakthrough By: Maureé Sullivan

I remember the December of 2016 like it was yesterday. Five months prior to that time, I had just graduated from college with a fashion business degree. I had dreams of doing “great things”- not necessarily sure what those things were at the time, but I knew that if I kept walking in the right direction I would eventually find my niche.

During college I had fallen in love with visual arts and creative direction and I knew that I wanted to pursue that in some way, but months before graduation I was still having trouble figuring out where to find the right job. I searched for countless opportunities in the fashion industry and none of them fit exactly what it was I wanted to do. The funny thing was that even though I didn’t have a name for what it was I did want, I knew EXACTLY what I didn’t want. However there was one organization that stuck out to me while I was in college – a women’s ministry.

Mind you, I didn’t go to school for ministry, neither did I have any desire to ever be in full-time ministry, but there was a huge draw in my heart for it.

During my junior year of college I decided to attend one of the ministries conferences that was being held in Tulsa, OK. While attending the conference I went up to their creative director and asked if there was any way that I could help the ministry (paid or unpaid).

I honestly didn’t know why my heart was so stirred for the ministry, but I knew that I wanted to serve. I’d decided that once I graduated college I just wanted to sit at the feet of women who were walking in purpose and soak up as much wisdom as I possibly could. I believed that the rest of what was on my heart would follow.  

For months I emailed their creative director with updated resumes and random check-ins just so she wouldn’t forget me and FINALLY the week before graduating from college the ministry gave me a full time volunteer role in their editorial/creative department in Southern California.

I thought the journey was finally starting to unfold and I was getting closer to knowing my “what”. I just KNEW that this would be the place I would finally start planting my roots. Needless to say, God flipped my plan upside down. I volunteered for nine months and started to sense that transition was coming and this wasn’t my final destination.

My heart was broken. I didn’t understand why God would lead me somewhere only to have me uprooted once again. [clickToTweet tweet=”I didn’t fully comprehend that the place I sowed seeds was not necessarily the place I would reap my harvest. ” quote=”At the time, I didn’t fully comprehend that the place I sowed seeds was not necessarily the place I would reap my harvest. “] 

When it came to my nine month period volunteering for the ministry, I decided to take a break, go home and reset. While I was back home, I felt God tell me that my current season was closing and he was bringing me into a new thing. So I gave the ministry my two weeks notice and decided I would trust God with what was to come.

Zero plans. Just faith.

I kid you not…an hour before I had my closing meeting with the ministry (handing over my passwords, projects and so forth) I received an email from a production company in West Hollywood asking me if I was able to interview for a position as social media manager for a new television series they were producing for A&E Network.

The crazy thing was I didn’t even remember applying for the position. Shocked, confused and a bit weirded out by how they got my information I took the interview, sent them a proposal two days later and accepted my first full time job within the industry in less than a week.

All that to say, God is God! Wherever you may seem to find yourself in your own personal journey be encouraged that although many times we limit our perspective on breakthrough by what is in front of us at this very moment, not fully realizing that [clickToTweet tweet=”God is God and there is no limit to how he can present our next steps.” quote=”God is God and there is no limit to how he can present our next steps.”] 

Matthew 6:25-26 NIV – “Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or drink; or about your body, what you will wear. Is not life more than food, and the body more than clothes? Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they?

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