Propel Women

I am absolutely geeking out that God is allowing me to work with Propel Women, and write as a contributor amongst so many remarkable women. If you aren’t familiar with Propel, simply put, it exists to help women discover their God-given passion, purpose, and potential as leaders.

How does one do that, you may ask?

Well, leadership looks different for all of us, so whether you are a mom leading her children, a college grad trying to figure out what’s next, or a CEO leading a company, oftentimes we feel ill- equipped to stand in the places we find ourselves.

Propel has created amazing resources and gathered together women who are all too familiar with the experience of not only being a woman, (and all the craziness that entails), but also the struggle of being pulled in a hundred different directions, and not knowing how to keep it all together.

Our experiences and challenges are varied, set in different places, with different people, but our needs are so much the same. We need solid rock beneath our feet, an understanding ear, and a passion to pursue what lies ahead.

Follow this link to learn more about Propel and read my latest article!

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