It’s shocking to think how anxiety is the most common mental illness in America affecting 40 million adults and 18.1 % of the population.

In the counseling field we understand that anxiety is code for fear. That means that a large portion of the population is living very afraid. 

The content you’ll find on this part of the site will be dedicated to providing insight and encouragement for your mental health. Whether you struggle with anxiety and depression, have experienced serious traumatic events in your life, or find yourself in a challenging life transition; hopefully these articles will be a safe place to ask your questions and find some answers.


Mind Posts

Are you Listening?

If you have ever been talking to someone who is more interested in checking their phone than hearing you talk, I’m willing to bet you felt pretty different than when…

Nothing to Offer

Have you ever noticed the version of your personality that comes front and center when you’re making new friends or in an unfamiliar social setting? Are you funny, charming, quiet,…

The 3 R’s To Live By

When I first greet clients in the waiting area and take them back to my office whether it’s for our first or fortieth session they are usually feeling a combination…

The Many Shades of Vulnerability

Somehow the word vulnerability has become a trendy “buzz word” over the past few years, and it’s actually fascinating when you consider that the definition is: “the quality or state of being…