I’m just a simple girl with simple thoughts, but over the years I have discovered the grandeur in thinking about a great God. We could all agree that our view is limited this side of heaven, and we don’t always understand all that God is up to in this life. 

The difficult circumstances of life can paint Him in so many different ways: unkind, far off, indifferent, unfair, and the list goes on. However, over the years I have realized that God longs to make Himself known to us, and in such a way that inspires our awe and affection. 

It has therefore been one of my greatest joys to discover the mystery and beauty waiting to be seen in the edges of His ways. I hope these articles will help you do the same.



Heart Posts

The Hiddenness in Waiting

So much of waiting includes hiddenness. You feel hidden. Your way feels hidden. God feels hidden. We live in a world that’s wired to investigate and uncover what’s hiding in…

Stand Still

The Oxford dictionary defines an unsung hero as, “a person who makes a substantive yet unrecognized contribution; a person whose bravery is unknown or unacknowledged.”  Life is full of unsung…