Conversation Series

Over the last few years I’ve noticed how much of my writing has been inspired by conversations with friends. As we sat around drinking coffee (as per usual) and catching up we would inevitably begin sharing about our struggles, our joys, and how to think through some of life’s biggest decision-making-moments.

I don’t know about you but I cannot fathom doing this life alone. It is so clear that we are made for community. To share in each other’s joys and sorrows. To laugh with each other, to comfort each other, and lend our courage to one another when we’re faced with seeming unanswered questions and prayers. To sit in the tension together, and remind one another that we have a God who doesn’t take pleasure in letting us down but rather desires to exceed our expectations.

All that to say, as a way to celebrate and show my gratitude for those who have inspired me, this page is dedicated to the writings of other gifted friends of mine that have so much wisdom and insight to share.


Conversation Series Posts

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