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Winter Remedies for Your Skin

Dry and dull skin got ya down? I completely get the struggle. Depending on where you live you may feel like you go from greasy and broken out skin in the summer to desert-like and scaley skin in the winter. It’s no way to live. When I lived in California

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A Brief But Priceless Gift

At the outset we may not know the reasons why a person enters and exits our lives. But if you are living and breathing, you are in a constant cycle of embracing and letting go. Ten years

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What Do You Have To Win?

I have loved the writings of C.S. Lewis ever since I read Mere Christianity in my first year of Bible college. Granted, it took me about 2 months to finish it because, let’s be real,

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Something Even God Cannot Do

I understand how for most of us this is a provocative title that piques our attention, and instantly unearths our theological understanding of God and His character. So many scriptures speak about how “nothing is impossible for

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The Edges Of His Ways

If you have attended church or know someone who has, you may have heard of a man named Job. Much was required of him when it came to trusting God, and in the end he

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Welcome: The Edges Of His Ways

I’m just a simple girl with simple thoughts, but I have discovered the grandeur in thinking about a great God. We don’t see all that He is up to in this life, and all that

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Hi! I’m so glad you’re here!

I am an East Coast girl, who to my surprise, has been living somewhat of a nomadic lifestyle these last few years. I’ve had a variety of experiences living in Africa, California, Chicago, and now Nashville, TN. As I write from research I’ve discovered and experiences I’ve had, I hope in some way that these simple articles will bring some hope and joy to your corner of the world!
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