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Winter Remedies for Your Skin

Dry and dull skin got ya down? I completely get the struggle. Depending on where you live you may feel like you go from greasy and broken out skin in the summer to desert-like and scaley skin in the winter. It’s no way to live. When I lived in California

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Grace's Story

I recently had the incredible honor of sitting down with an American survivor of human trafficking to hear and share her story. Our paths crossed in the most common of ways, and never did I

When Your Dream Seems Forgotten

  I don’t know about you but I have had some dreams in my life that I felt had been looked over, neglected, and set aside to collect dust indefinitely. This article that I wrote

Hide and Seek

I am convinced that God loves to play hide and seek. The Bible is chock-full of evidence that God hides treasure, wisdom, and even Himself–not to be sneaky or vindictive but rather to draw out

Sometimes God Plays Pretend

As a little girl (and only child girl) I used to force my dad to sit and have tea parties with me. I would set the table with little cups and plates, and at the miniature

Come Up Higher

I was on a plane a couple weeks ago and as I approached my assigned seat number I realized I was in the window seat (insert sigh here). After climbing over two people to get to

The Key Ingredient

I wouldn’t call myself Betty Crocker, but I’d like to think I can get by. So, here I was baking a cake for my friend’s surprise birthday party. The oven was pre-heated, and the kitchen

For The Next Generation

Allow me to tell you the stories of two people who have directly impacted my life. I’ve always known deep down that the positive direction of my decisions growing up had little to do with me,

Propel Women

I am absolutely geeking out that God is allowing me to work with Propel Women, and write as a contributor amongst so many remarkable women. If you aren’t familiar with Propel, simply put, it exists to

Finding Beauty in the Dust

It was a usual morning drive to work and I had some things weighing on my mind. As I was engrossed in my thoughts I looked to my left, and saw this man enveloped in

Barbara Hill about

Hi! I’m so glad you’re here!

I am an East Coast girl, who to my surprise, has been living somewhat of a nomadic lifestyle these last few years. I’ve had a variety of experiences living in Africa, California, Chicago, and now Nashville, TN. As I write from research I’ve discovered and experiences I’ve had, I hope in some way that these simple articles will bring some hope and joy to your corner of the world!
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