The Interruption of Pain

Have you ever noticed how inconvenient pain is?

Whether it’s physical or emotional, there is never a good time for pain to come. Have you ever heard anyone say, “you know, I’m feeling pretty good today and I think if I got hit with some sort of physical or emotional pain I would be ok with it.” I mean, literally no one has ever said that, I’m sure of it.

Pain seems to hijack our lives, stall us, and put everything on pause, causing our lives to come to a screeching halt. Think of what happens when you have a physical injury. Let’s say you break your arm or leg, there are a thousand implications and domino effects for how that will inconvenience your life.

Let’s say you play an instrument for a living, a broken arm will definitely put you out of commission for awhile. Let’s say you’re a professional athlete and your broken leg has you riding the bench for the rest of the season. The list goes on of how physical pain can interrupt our lives in a thousand ways.

What about emotional injury and pain?

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