Skin Care: Keepin’ it Simple

Let’s be real, whether you feel like Kim Kardashian or Honey Boo Boo, at some point you’ve walked into Sephora or Nordstrom and felt completely overwhelmed by the amount of choices laid out before you.

Even after I started working as an Esthetician I would be so overwhelmed with how much information (true and false) there was out there about skin care and what products to use. I would have clients come in daily saying how they’ve bought every product on the market or were doing some crazy at-home remedy and still their skin was dry, oily, or broken out.

Life is busy and many of us don’t have the time to keep a sixteen-step skin care routine. So, how can we keep it simple but still have the skin we’ve always wanted? What are the skin care non-negotiables? What are some trustworthy skin care brands? And how can we keep a simple skin care routine without being up an extra two hours at night OR break the bank?

Great questions.

Let’s start with the basic essentials you need AND need to know that will be the foundation to anything additional you may want to add to your routine down the line.

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