Three Life Lessons From Having a Puppy

When I moved to Nashville three months ago I knew that living alone in a new city was not going to be my ideal situation. To make the transition easier I thought about the possibility of adopting a dog. I had a few dogs growing up but of course the real work of raising a puppy was done solely by my parents, with my job consisting mainly of playing with them and occasionally taking them on walks.

After a few weeks of being in my new place I knew a dog would be just what I needed, so I decided to take a trip to visit a local animal shelter. The plan was to get a dog that was at least a year or two because nobody has time for potty training and raising a puppy.

Well, jokes on me. The fourth time to the shelter I saw this little tri-colored timid puppy (which I know now he was trying to trick me with his calm demeanor so I’d get him, sigh). When I held him he burrowed his little head in my arm which = heart melted/no turning back.

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