What Makes Change Possible?

You know when you suddenly become aware of something that up until that moment you had been completely oblivious to? Do you remember how you felt? Or what your reaction was to this new information?

How about when you found out Santa Claus wasn’t real? Or when you look back on those pictures from when you were a kid in the 80’s, (well, at least for me), and see those God-awful outfits that you so proudly put together all by yourself?¬†Or how about when you were offered a great opportunity but realized it would come with a lot of hard work and discipline?

It’s powerful when we become aware of something new, but oftentimes this newfound awareness creates two simultaneous but contrary reactions inside of us.

In my work as a counselor I see this happen all the time. Clients come in for their first meeting passionately expressing how desperate they are to see things change. But as time goes on and they start to gain a new perspective about their situation, I almost always see these two emotions flash across their face…hope and frustration.

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