The Five Most Powerful Words

I haven’t been a counselor for very long but in the short time I’ve been practicing, the majority of clients I’ve worked with have endured some really traumatic experiences in their lives.

It never ceases to amaze me how we never know what another person has gone through. The lady checking you out at the grocery store, the business man in the three-piece suit that you pass on the street who appears to have it all together, the college student with stellar grades and a seeming thriving social life. Each one of them have stories that have left a mark on them, for better or worse.

As a person’s story unfolds before me, I’m always desperate for God to come and fill the space, my words, and my delivery with intentionality and wisdom. Although my education has equipped me with tools and techniques, I’m fully aware that only God can truly know the details and depths of another person’s experience. And with that “divine awareness”, so to speak, He alone knows what they need, and consequently what they don’t need.

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