Hope or Fear: What’s it Gonna Be?

At this same time last year I was in a quandary of sorts.

I had been living in California for the last year and a half, and was two months shy of finishing my Counseling degree. For a year leading up to this point I had this mysterious but strong impression that something major was going to change in my circumstances that spring. But I had no clue what that would mean or what that change would look like.

I guess we could say that God was building my confidence in his sovereignty without letting me in on any of the details–which I’ve found to be his M.O. (insert side eyes here).

Now, for someone like me, when God gives an inkling of something exciting regarding the future without also providing the details, it’s like a parent who tells their child there’s hidden candy that’s been stashed away somewhere for them in their house, but they have no clue where–so in other words, absolute torture.

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