Just Keep Circling

I went on a work trip to sunny Florida a couple weeks ago (which is a big change from the below zero weather here in Chicago). I jumped in my uber from the airport, and rolled down all the windows (to my uber driver’s chagrin), and soaked in the warm sun and palm trees.

I landed at the arena where we would have our event, and before I even had a moment to drop my bags I was told that I needed to about face back to the airport and pick up one of our guests.

I jumped in the rental, rolled down all the windows (happy I didn’t have to deal with the stink eye from the uber driver), and set out for the airport. I arrived at the precise time the guest was supposed to arrive and pulled my car to the side to wait. After about 0.5 seconds, a police officer yelled at me to keep moving. She said, “just keep circling around the airport until your friend is outside ready to go.”

Now, the problem is, it takes about 45 seconds to circle around the airport to get back to where I would need to pick up our guest. So, here I was, circling, and circling, and circling around the airport for 5, 10, 15, now 20 mins, feeling ridiculous and getting dizzy in the process.

After a solid 20 minutes of circling, I realized something…it dawned on me that this was actually a perfect illustration for how I have felt in certain areas of my life–waiting and
circling, feeling stuck in a seemingly endless and perpetual holding pattern.

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