How Will I Know?

Do we have any Whitney Houston fans in the house?

I mean how could you not? With iconic songs like, “I will always love you”, and “I have nothing”, it would be impossible not to belt it out, (with a lot less skill, of course).

Anyways, one of Whitney’s greatest songs called, “How Will I Know”, (which I’m sure you’re all going to have stuck in your head now), is about a girl trying to figure out if this guy she’s into, really loves her too.

I bet all of us could wave a hand and say a big “amen” along with Whitney as we recount instances where we have looked for external confirmations from others to settle our anxious hearts that we were loved by them. Whether that’s in our romantic relationships, friendships, or even families.

I would venture to say that most of us have felt either confident or doubtful about someone’s love for us depending on their behavior toward us. We are quick to determine someone’s internal affections by their outward actions…that’s only human.

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