When You Feel Left Behind

Some of my biggest ah-huh moments have come in conversations with close friends.

A perfect example was in a recent conversation where my friend and I were exchanging stories (past and present) of when our paths seemed to be shrouded in mystery, and we had no clue what God had next for us.

You would think that in the presence of a lot of “great options” it would be easier to make an informed decision, but oftentimes it seems to complicate the decision-making process. You’ve weighed out the pros and cons a hundred times and things still seem so unclear. At that point you just start praying for some random stranger to walk up to you and tell you what you’re supposed to do with your life. (Or at least that’s what I do)

My friend was sharing how she felt left behind in life. Everyone around her seemed to be catapulting into the next season and stage in their lives, and she was well lost, confused, and exhausted. We agreed that some of our most trying times have been when God has put us in this confined space where we must wait for His direction. We find ourselves grappling with fear as we watch others move into their calling, and we seem perpetually stuck; frozen for all of time.

Dramatic? Maybe. But I would venture to say we’ve all been there.

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