Keep the End in View

I traveled to Israel 7 years ago now, and there were so many things that I saw and learned that left a lasting impression on me. But there was one experience I’ll never forget.

Our guide took all 40 of us to what is believed to be Golgotha’s hill, or more commonly known as Calvary–where Christ died. When we arrived I was struck by how seemingly insignificant the hill was, and how much smaller it was in person than I had envisioned it to be in my mind.

It was truly a common hill, for a very uncommon Savior.

We stood there taking in the scene and, for me at least, time-traveling and imagining what that scene would have really looked and felt like. As I was back in ancient times, I was quickly disrupted by a startling statement from the guide.

The guide said, “don’t be fooled by the commonness of this hill, for there is much more here than what meets the eye.” I looked around and was confused because I didn’t see anything extraordinary. I’m sure the guide saw our perplexed expressions, but he didn’t seem compelled to hurry and clear up our confusion. He just let it all sink in, and allowed us to try and figure out what could be so remarkable about where we stood.

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